Chinese – Goal

I sort of started Chinese on the 20th June but really only dipped into it through podcasts at I didn’t do everyday.  It began with pure input. Listening, reading, listening, reading. Not really taking too much notice of grammar or trying to figure it out. Still I think this has been a useful process. Now, though, I’m going to follow a few principles outlined by a number of polyglots.
A. ‘Noticing’ – reading and listening
This has to be to follow Steve Kaufman’s idea of ‘noticing’. Since watching his videos and subscribing to Linq I do think my language studies have taken on a whole new progressive slant. Yet, whilst this may be true for my Japanese it’s tough for Chinese as I have so little knowledge of vocabulary – the process is arduous and time consuming. Nonetheless, I’m putting time aside now to do lots of review be that of the PDFs of podcasts or the Linq lessons – really grapple more with the structure.
B. Pronunciation and speaking
Embed the learning I have with my pronunciation books (review later) with actually recording myself speaking Chinese through audacity. I intend on putting this on LingQ for checking. This is big for me as I need pushing to do this kind of work. Mini-goal of doing this once a week.
C. Hanzi.
Continuing writing characters and following Heisig (via book and How many by December …
D. Grammar
Going to be doing some casual work on this. I will mainly exploring this through ‘noticing’ but I have a couple of books I’ll be exploring as well.
Throughout these focuses I will be evaluating and reviewing the resources I use. There is a lot to do with the Mandarin but I hope through my staggered schedule I will keep on track. Again, though, I want to be doing speaking practice every day.

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