Japanese – Kanji Goal

Well, today is the start of a hectic Kanji week. Why? I have a simple goal of being able to read Haruki Murakami in Japanesemurakami. Recently I’ve read a short essay and a story which were part of two separate volumes of Japanese reading material. These books are aimed at students of Japanese – one offers a parallel text the other supportive commentary. I’ve really enjoyed reading these but to read more of such works is near impossible as they aren’t readily available in Japanese here. So, I’ve looked to Japan for the books I really want. I’m not sure I could tackle one of his novels – I’ll be lost in the ethereal narrative – so instead I want to read his shorter works specially his articles. Over the weekend I found a couple of books which seem to offer just what I want. But will it be near impossible to ‘read’ them? The chances, yes. Why? Kanji. At the moment I know around 400 or so characters but I really need to sharpen this knowledge. So this is my approach:

4 days a week, 20mins.
1. This week I’m going to be inputting the words from the ストーリ Kanji book. I’ll be doing this in LingQ as a way to record the time I spend and also my progress. My goal here is to see if I recognise the different readings. I’m creating a vocabulary list that is geared towards learning Kanji rather than simply learning the meaning of the words.

2. As well as working on my LingQ list, I will also be revising the meaning of each Kanji. I will use my textbook lists and also Sticky Study for this. Maybe even throw in the flashcards as well.

3. I hope to find time to use the ‘Look and Learn’ workbook as this goes through 500 characters in a contextual way.

4. MLC is a great site for JLPT tests. I’ll be using their N4 quizzes to aid retention.

5. Continually refresh my memory of the radicals –

6. Buy a poster??

So, my deadline for all of this is 1st of November

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