Italian – end of the 1st month

My monthly goals for Italian were very different to my goals for Japanese. Japanese was heavily focused on grammar and Kanji. My focus for Italian was simply to enjoy reading and listening with the odd review of vocabulary. Certainly the schedule was less onerous. There was no real need to work out how many chapters I had to do each week or each day. sono leggendaInstead, it was just to explore as much reading and listening as I could and to see how my knowledge of the language would progress during the weeks. Funnily enough, the lack of a rigorous schedule sort of made this like relaxing with a few books than language study. Everyday I would listen to an audio book on its own or with the accompanying book. I managed to download and read a variety of books on my Kindle as well as reading articles on LingQ. Loved it. I was noticing things with the language, asking questions about it and really wanting to find out further about specific nuances. My goal was simply to immerse myself in the language and I really felt I did this. 🙂

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