Day 2 Russian ‘Snapshot Challenge’

Still only working with Duolingo though begging for phonetic practice!

Focused on the ‘Alphabet’ lesson, I’m working on some negatives, some personal pronouns, common nouns etc. Interesting grammar structures ‘Are you an actor?’ is ‘You actor?’ in Russian. But the writing is proving difficult. I can translate and also select the correct words from the options to form sentences but writing using the keyboard is near (not always) impossible. So, I am making progress and I am noticing things in the language which means I can complete the lessons. Yet, I’m now wondering if I need to go away and do extra work on understanding the phonetics of the alphabet – simply hearing the sentences doesn’t mean I know the characters to choose. Instead I’m relying on my remembering the words. So, I went to the Duolongo website and found there some useful clarification about the sounds of the character but no audio. Early days I know but would like to work on the phonetics more so I can concentrate more easily on vocabulary and grammar.

Ёё⁰ (your) Вв (vase) Бб (bed)
Ээ (red) Нн¹ (nap) Дд¹ (dab)
Уу (soon) Хх² (Bach) Гг (gap)
Ии (meet) Йй (yes) Лл¹ (nil)
Юю (you) Рр (trilled R) Пп (poor)
Ыы³ (hit) Сс (Sam) Зз (zebra)
Яя (yard) Фф (photon) Цц (cats)
Жж⁴ (seizure) Шш⁴ (shun) Щщ⁴
Чч (cheer) Ъ and Ь⁵

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