Day 3 Russian ‘Snapshot Challenge’

So, I gave in today. Before I could even use Duolingo I had to do something about the alphabet (Cyrillic script). I felt rather than waiting for that Eureka moment and recognising the sounds that corresponded to the letters, I would actively find out the names and sounds of those letters (are they the same things?).

How long does it take to learn the Cyrillic script?

With a quick Google search of ‘how to learn the Russian alphabet’ I came across a range of helpful advice and also resources for support. At, Dani from gave the following comment:

I would say it takes you a few hours to get started with the script. The rest is continuous practise that will happen naturally when you study the language. If you have a free afternoon or a weekend, grab a big cup of tea or maybe even some Russian sweets and just do it. Once you get started with the exercises you will see the progress really soon, I promise!

Before I got the cup of tea ready (don’t really need much persuasion ever to do that) I went back to Google and scanned through the resources available. I tried to select only a few resources to make sure that I keep focused.
This is what I have at hand and also the order I’ll do it in


1) Link Word has useful ways of remembering the letters and what they represent.
2) Another website organises the alphabet and proclaims it can also be learned in two hours by grouping the letters


I’ve always enjoyed the Innovative Language podcasts – I’ve used them for Japanese, Italian and Chinese. So here I’ve found five lessons on pronunciation. I’ve printed out the PDFs for ease. I’m hoping this will secure any knowledge.


4) YouTube
A general search for ‘russian alphabet’ has revealed a lot. I’m leaving this until last as it will be difficult to see how long it will take to find the videos I find most helpful.

So, pot of tea at the ready!

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