Update Day 3 Russian ‘Snapshot Challenge’

Brew finished. Russian alphabet finished…

So, this is how I spent my time:

  1. 20mins with LinkWord – pretty satisfied with that. The ways to remember the letters were generally helpful. It was great that this PDF was free. I’m not sure I’m interesting in learning vocabulary this way but for the alphabet it was really useful.
  2. 10mins using the seminar notes I discovered that TOM KAT are the same letters and sounds in English. It was also helpful in grouping letters together.
  3. 15mins russianpod101.com. A useful first podcast going through pronunciation and recognising the alphabet as largely phonetic and the ‘hard sign’ and ‘soft sign’ which altered any pronunciation.
  4. 10mins Memrise. I decided to leave the YouTube vids and set about consolidating what I had learned. Another reason why I didn’t want another podcast just yet – want to feel comfortable in what I know before I work on the pronunciation. Got to make sure I’m not confusing things like  в (=v) and Б (=b). Link Word can help with this, though.


Where next?

Well, I have to strengthen my knowledge. Aside from the podcasts and Memrise, I would like to look into actually handwriting the characters maybe do some kind of guided translation with characters. I’ll look into that over the next few days. Nonetheless, for less than an hour of study I feel great that I can now recognise so many characters. The resources I used were great too – focused and really helpful. I didn’t waste time with laborious explanations but used resources that were clear and consolidated what I learnt.

Time for Duolingo. Time to put the kettle on.

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