Day 4 Russian Snapshot Challenge

Today I worked through lessons on Duolingo but this time as I tried as much as I could to pronounce the words – breaking words down letter by letter. Well, my pronunciation really wasn’t matching the recorded voice but I think it’s helping me to memorise the letters. Still noticing the absent of the verb ‘to be’ in all examples and getting a bit antsy at finding out other details about Russian grammar. However, I’m going to stick with what I have and see if I can discover things for myself. Let the app ‘show’ me the grammar rather than have a grammar book ‘tell’ me what’s going on. Going to spend the rest of my Russian this evening with more work on the alphabet with Memrise. Still want to find something that will help in letter recognition – I’ll have a browse for thteaat. I’m also going to have a look on LingQ this evening to see what the lessons are like there – worried it may be rather de-motivating as the page will become yellow with me not knowing any words. Anyway, will give it a try and perhaps see where that takes me. Can I notice things with the language there?


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