Day 5 Russian Snap Shot Challenge

So today I began with Duolingo and Memrise. As I’m completing the tasks I also have my Cyrillic alphabet at hand so that I can begin to notice the sounds to the words more. This is especially useful when just doing single words. I didn’t do it all the time but am trying to make sure that word recognition is sound as well as sight.


I also spent last night and today working on LingQ. Like I’ve said, I’ve used this successfully for other languages but was hesitant to start with Russian too soon. That said, after posting a few comments on the forum Steve Kaufman (founder of LingQ) responded both to my concerns and also gave helpful advice. So, now I’m using the ‘Stories’ on LingQ (Beginner2 level but Steve assured me this was doable). These stories are great as words are naturally repeated in different contexts and I’m only working on the present tense for the first twenty stories. I’m not only saving words for review, which is proving excellent in noticing things with the language, but also actual phrases as well. Again I’m not doing this to everything as I want to soak up as much of the language as I can but still I’m beginning to notice the structures.


In addition to this, I visited again today this time there were some videos on how to write the letters. So notebook and pen in hand, I worked through tnotebook-and-pen1wo videos attempting to perfect a cursive script both for single characters and for words. I’ll review them tomorrow and then take on the next two videos. So far so good. I keep on browsing for books as well but so far nothing is really appealing to me – all seem a bit dry and demotivating. I’ll keep looking as I would like a small grammar book at some point (there’s a ‘Teach Yourself’ one but some reviews say it has errors) but at the moment I’m sticking to keeping my costs at a minimum and making the most of the ample online resources at hand.

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