Day 6 Russian Snap Shot Challenge

Had another productive day with Russian. I’ve started to have a more regular approach to my studies. I begin with ten minutes on Memrise, then 10-15mins on Duolingo, go to Russianpod101 for pronunciation and also to extend my knowledge of cursive writing (again I’m writing new characters and words but also spend time reviewing past letters) and finally go to LingQ to listen, read and notice things with the language. I’ve been really enjoying the cursive writing and am looking to using this more with LingQ – to try to write out by hand some of the phrases that I have saved and then annotate them with the things I notice. I need to complete more videos first before I can do this but I think it will be a nice way to consolidate some of the things I’m learning.

In addition to this, I watched Steve Kaufman’s YouTube video on ‘Tips on Learning Russian’. This was both helpful but also gave me a real awareness of how tspeakhis difficult this language actually is. Steve mentioned that cases, verbs of motion and aspects of verbs are really difficult as the ending of words can change a great deal for a variety of reasons. In particular, this can prove quite demanding when learning to speak the language. Reading is easier naturally because you can get a sense of what is happening, that you know the meaning of the word. But actually speaking it is something else. I’m interested, then, how I will overcome this obstacle. Wonder if Apps or the likes of Pimsleur are the way to go for this. I’m going to do some research. It is early days yet, I have loads of input to do before I do any output but it’s still worth a look.

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