Day 8 Russian Snap Shot Challenge

Well, had another productive and perhaps intense few hours of Russian. After working through Memrise (alphabet lesson), Russainpod (cursive writing videos) and Duolingo (tough review session) I then had time to sit down with ‘Read and Write Russian Script’.

I was really happy to discover that this is exactly the sort of thing I wanted. The book gradually introduces characters and then adds some mini-tasks to develop vocabulary and pronunciation . The book will eventually work on cursive handwriting but as I’ve already covered the cursive form of those characters in the beginning chapters (via the Russianpod) I copied the vocabulary and completed hareexercises in printed and cursive writing just for the extra practice. So, the book is really working well so far and I’d highly recommend it for anyone in a similar position as myself. It’s not the cheapest book (£15.99) for less that 200 pages but its focused chapters on only a few characters easily allows a naturally and supportive build up of words.  So, whilst it seems short this won’t be a quick journey. In fact, it’s far better to take time imbed the characters than to rush and take it all in at once.

2 comments on “Day 8 Russian Snap Shot Challenge

  1. Oh, you are on your way! I agree that it is important to take it slow when working with a foreign alphabet. I remember plowing through Hangul only to have to restudy from zero to “master” the pronunciation. Just as the saying goes, “Haste makes waste.”

    • Yes, I completely agree. It’s tough because when the pace is slow you need that confidence to keep going – it is a long journey. I also find it mentally exhausting with only small successes to show for it. But, that said, I’m happy to keep at it. 🙂 Hangul looks like a real challenge. This is the Korean language, isn’t it? Do you still use it on a regular basis?

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