Day 9 Russian Snap Shot Challenge

So, I’m at the stage now where I’m into a good solid routine with my studies. I do have other languages on the go (either new or maintaining) so it’s important that I can give a decent amount of time to Russian whilst not sacrificing my other languages. Now that I’ve found the materials I need I’m managing to organise my time better – it’s been so easy to be spending hours on the language but this isn’t something I can maintain in the long-term. It has to be do-able. So, this is the schedule I’ll be keeping for the rest of this week:

5mins Memrise (alphabet)

20mins Russianpod vids on the alphabet (includes my own cursive writing)

20mins Duolingo – I’m gradually noticing the sounds in words so I’m keeping at this. I’m not doing any ‘Review’ as this is too hard at this stage – I can’t remember the spellings of some words whether there is audio or not.

10mins ‘Read and Write Russian Script’ – again securing pronunciation and writing

10mins LingQ – making links and listening to the texts. I’m saving phrases but not doing a great deal of over studying yet until I’m secure with the writing system.

Keeping to time is going to be my goal – I want to study and focus but I find it mentally exSnoopy-wallpaper-snoopy-33124746-1024-768hausting at times figuring out the characters and the sounds  especially when this can be timed in Memrise and taxing in Duolingo. But I also want time away from it so it can sink in. Whilst I won’t be writing about Russian for a few days, not unless I discover something interesting or useful, my objective is to  maintain focus and aim high.

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