Day 19 Russian Snap Shot Challenge

Well, I’m over half way of my month in Russian. In my last post, Day 9, I outlined my intentions:

5mins Memrise (alphabet)

20mins Russianpod vids on the alphabet (includes my own cursive writing)

20mins Duolingo – I’m gradually noticing the sounds in words so I’m keeping at this. I’m not doing any ‘Review’ as this is too hard at this stage – I can’t remember the spellings of some words whether there is audio or not.

10mins ‘Read and Write Russian Script’

10mins LingQ – making links and listening to the texts. I’m saving phrases but not doing a great deal of over studying yet until I’m secure with the writing system.

I have completed the alphabet podcasts, which were extremely useful, and tend now to dip into various parts of the website just for the exposure to the language. Still woWIN_20170819_14_20_22_Prorking with Duolingo. I wasn’t sure for awhile but the short phrases and sentences is supporting my character and sound recognition. I’ve also been staggering the ‘Read and Write Russian Script’ book – I haven’t done it everyday but like to leave it a day or so almost liked a spaced-recognition practice.

The biggest shift has been on LingQ. I’m working more here on the lessons both to hear the words, look at the phrases, notice things both in terms of structure and word endings, review vocabulary and finally to consider the text as a whole. I’m doing this a number of times with each text, coming at it from different perspectives. I certainly feel my prediction of how the word should sound often matches the record. Where my prediction isn’t spot on just alerts me to the things like ‘o’ when it is stressed and unstressed or reminding myself of pronouncing ‘e’ correctly. I’m certainly sticking with text-based resources and not getting involved in spoken-language courses (Pimsleur etc.). I want to be able to ‘see’ what I’m saying. I think this focused approach is really helping and slowly but surely my word recognition is getting there. In fact, I’m not worried that learning the language will take a great deal of time as I do think securing the very basics and not taking on too much is vital.

So, where do I want to be by the end of the month?

Be comfortable with the script – print and cursive. Ideally have all characters remembered in the cursive script.

Read at a 70% accuracy in terms of sounding the characters correctly when saying words (using Duo and LingQ for this).

Have some foundation in Russian grammar.


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