January Challenge – Reading

hokusai_Winter_Evening_in_Japan_I follow a number of blogs and Olle Linge’s site has really helped in introducing such things as various methods of strengthening vocabulary but lately I’ve been intrigued by his news of a reading challenge. The challenge can be undertaken through http://readmod.com/ but also by leaving a comment on Olle’s site (I’ve linked the full article below – worth a read). To take one summary from the article:

  1. Set a goal for January
  2. If you read longer texts, report the number of pages directly
  3. If you read shorter texts, count sentences (about 20 sentences per page)
  4. If character counting is convenient, treat 400 characters as one page
 I’ll be leaving a comment on Olle’s site but I’ll be posting my progress on a weekly basis. At the moment I’m studying three languages all of which are at different stages so my goals will reflect this. Also in my reading I want to try to include as much listening as I can. Equally I would like to spend time noticing features about the texts and perhaps consolidate this in a discussion with my Italki friends or in writing. So I agree that there will be times where I am simply reading for enjoyment but there will also be times where I’m getting the most I can from the experience. In addition, I have other commitments to Kanji, Hanzi, grammar and vocabulary practice that I need to work on. So my goals will accommodate this interest. The challenge is still there but I don’t want to forget or fall behind. So my challenge is to make an active effort to read throughout the week. That’s it. It isn’t my aim to set myself an unachievable amount of reading, leaving me feeling like a failure when I don’t meet my target. It is rather to secure an active (and hopefully enjoyable) reading habit. That is my goal.
  • Japanese (low intermediate)
  • Weekly approx :
  • News report – 14 pages (1 article is about 400 characters/1 page)
  • Manga – 50 pages
  • Novel – 5 pages
  • Month= 276
  • Chinese (6 months of studying)
  • Assimil – 5 pages
  • Textbook – 2 pages
  • Month = 28 pages
  • Italian (about three weeks of studying)
  • Textbook – 7 pages a week  (20 sentences a page)
  • Month = 21 pages
If you’re going to do the challenge please leave a comment below 🙂